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The Bride

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The Bride is played by Uma Thurman in Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003).


Wiggle your big toe. image

Wiggle your big toe.


O-Ren Ishii! You and I have unfinished business! image

O-Ren Ishii! You and I have unfinished business!


So, O-Ren? Any more subordinates for me to kill? image

So, O-Ren? Any more subordinates for me to kill?


My baby! My baby! image

My baby! My baby!


Bill : Do you find me sadistic? You know, I bet I could fry an egg on your head right now, if I wanted to. You know, Kiddo, I'd like to believe that you're aware enough even now to know that there's nothing sadistic in my actions. Well, maybe towards those other... jokers, but not you. No Kiddo, at this moment, this is me at my most...
Bill : masochistic.
The Bride : Bill... it's your baby...


It was not my intention to do this in front of you. For that I'm sorry. But you can take my word for it, your mother had it comin'. When you grow up, if you still feel raw about it, I'll be waiting.


The Bride : This is what you get for fucking around with Yakuzas!
The Bride : Go home to your mother!


As I lay in the back of Buck's truck, trying to will my limbs out of entropy, I could see the faces of the cunts that did this to me and the dicks responsible. Members all of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. When fortune smiles on something as violent and ugly as revenge, it seems proof like no other, that not only does God exist, you're doing His will.


The Bride : Then give me one of these.
Hattori Hanzo : They're not for sale.
The Bride : I didn't say "sell me", I said "give me".
Hattori Hanzo : Why should I help you?
The Bride : Because my vermin is a former student of yours. And considering the student, I'd say you have a rather large obligation.
Hattori Hanzo : You can sleep here. It will take me a month to make the sword. I suggest you spend it practicing.


The Bride : Those of you lucky enough to have your lives, take them with you. However, leave the limbs you've lost. They belong to me now.
The Bride : Except you, Sofie! You stay right where you are!


Hard part's over. Now let's get these other piggies wiggling.


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