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The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

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Directed by: Paul Greengrass
Written by: Scott Z. Burns,Tony Gilroy
Starring: Matt Damon, Edgar Ramírez, Joan Allen
Released on: August 3, 2007
Taglines: This Summer Jason Bourne Comes Home

The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) Quotes

All agents have shoot-on-sight authorization. image

All agents have shoot-on-sight authorization.

Issue a standing kill order on Jason Bourne, effective immediately. image

Issue a standing kill order on Jason Bourne, effective immediately.

 Code it in. We need to be dead. image

Code it in. We need to be dead.

My argument is not with you. image

My argument is not with you.

It gets easier. image

It gets easier.

CIA Agent : Uh, sir he drove off the roof.
Noah Vosen : What?
CIA Agent : He drove off the roof!

Simon Ross : Oh, the bin man. I think he's one of them.
Jason Bourne : The garbage man? Negative.
Simon Ross : Oh, Jesus. Jesus! He's reaching for something.

Jason Bourne : Who's your source? What's his name? What's your source's name?
Simon Ross : Look, what's going on? Why are these people after me?Jason Bourne : Because you found something. You talked to someone, inside Treadstone, someone who was there at the beginning. Who is it?
Simon Ross : You know I can't tell you that.
Jason Bourne : You have no idea what you're into here. These people will kill you if they have to.
Simon Ross : Was it Blackbriar? Is that what this is?
Jason Bourne : Blackbriar? What's Blackbriar?
Simon Ross : Treadstone upgrade. My source told me it all started with you. He said that you were square one, the dirty little secret. He says that he knows who you are.
Jason Bourne : Alright, we have to move. Answer your phone.

CIA Director Ezra Kramer : So we have a dirty section chief who kills Bourne's girl, Bourne comes back for revenge, tapes Abbott's confession, and Abbott commits suicide. Now Bourne's gunnin' for us. You couldn't make this stuff up. Bourne's last confirmed location was Moscow, six weeks ago.
Pamela Landy : Right.
CIA Director Ezra Kramer : He's on the run, he's dangerous...
Pamela Landy : Now Sir, with respect, I think something else could be going on here.
CIA Director Ezra Kramer : What? What's he after?
Pamela Landy : The reason Bourne went to Moscow was to see the daughter of his first target.
CIA Director Ezra Kramer : What's your point, Pam?
Pamela Landy : Maybe he was retracing his steps. Just looking for something... something in his past. Maybe he hasn't found it yet. We need to know what it is.
CIA Director Ezra Kramer : You're telling me he's not a threat to this agency?
Pamela Landy : I think if he wanted to hurt us he could have sent the tape to CNN.
CIA Director Ezra Kramer : Maybe he still will. My number one rule is hope for the best, plan for the worst. As far as I'm concerned, Bourne's still a serious threat, until proven otherwise.

Noah Vosen : Is that it?
Wills : Yeah.
Noah Vosen : I want rendition protocols, and put the asset on stand-by just in case.

Our target is a British national - Simon Ross, a reporter. I want all his phones, his BlackBerry, his apartment, his car, bank accounts, credit cards, travel patterns - I want to know what he's going to think before he does. Every dirty little secret he has, and most of all we want the name and real-time location of his source. This is NSA priority level 4. Any questions?

Pamela Landy : What is Operation Blackbriar? You want to tell me or should I call Kramer and ask him?
Noah Vosen : For Christ's sake Pam, we're in the middle of an operation.
Pamela Landy : Bullshit. You want Jason Bourne? Level with me.
Noah Vosen : Operation Blackbriar started as an NEAT surveillance program.
Pamela Landy : What is it now?
Noah Vosen : It is now the umbrella program for all our black-ops. Full envelope intrusion, rendition, experimental interrogation - it is all run out of this office. We are the sharp end of the stick now, Pam.
Pamela Landy : Lethal action?
Noah Vosen : If we have to, sure. That's what makes us special. No more red tape. No more getting the bad guys caught on our sights, then watching them escape while we wait for somebody in Washington to issue the order.
Noah Vosen : Oh come on. You've seen the raw intel, Pam. You know how real the danger is. We need these programs now.

You know as well as I do decisions made in real time are never perfect. Don't second guess an operation from an armchair.

Wills : They found a body.
Noah Vosen : Bourne?
Wills : Desh.

Paz : Why didn't you take the shot?
Jason Bourne : Do you even know why you're supposed to kill me? Look at us. Look at what they make you give.

Noah Vosen : When we're finished with Daniels, send the asset after her. We find Parsons, we find Bourne.
Pamela Landy : Noah, what are you doing?
Noah Vosen : Not now.
Pamela Landy : I want to know what's going on.
Noah Vosen : I said not now.
Pamela Landy : What basis are you continuing this operation on?
Noah Vosen : The basis that Nicky Parsons has compromised a covert operation. She is up to her neck in this.
Pamela Landy : This is about Daniels, not Nicky.
Noah Vosen : She has betrayed us.
Pamela Landy : You don't know the circumstances, Noah.
Noah Vosen : She's in league with Jason Bourne, for Christ's sake.
Pamela Landy : You do not have the authority to kill her.
Noah Vosen : Oh yes I do! And you had better get on board.
Pamela Landy : Noah, she's one of us. You start down this path, where does it end?
Noah Vosen : It ends when we've won.

Jesus Christ, that's Jason Bourne!

Jason Bourne : Why are you helping me?
Nicky Parsons : It was difficult... for me... with you. You... really don't remember, do you?
Jason Bourne : No.

Martin Kreutz : Where's my sister?
Jason Bourne : Why don't you sit down.
Martin Kreutz : Where is she?
Jason Bourne : She's dead. She was killed. I'm sorry.
Martin Kreutz : I knew it was going to end this way. It was always going to end this way.
Jason Bourne : I didn't believe that.
Martin Kreutz : And how did she die?
Jason Bourne : She was shot. We were together in India. He came for me.
Martin Kreutz : Did you kill him?
Jason Bourne : Yes.
Martin Kreutz : And now what?
Jason Bourne : Someone started all this, and I'm going to find them.

Jason Bourne : They'll kill you for giving me this.
Pamela Landy : 4/15/71 isn't much of a code. I guess Vosen is on his way already.
Jason Bourne : Why'd you do it?
Pamela Landy : This isn't what I signed up for. What they did to you. Blackbriar. This isn't us.
Jason Bourne : Then do something about it. Everything you need is in there.
Jason Bourne : Everything.
Pamela Landy : David. Why don't you come in with me? It'll be better if we do this together.
Jason Bourne : No. This is where it started for me. This is where it ends.

Jason Bourne : I remember. I remember everything. I'm no longer Jason Bourne.
Dr. Albert Hirsch : So now you're going to kill me.
Jason Bourne : No. You don't deserve the star they give you on the wall at Langley.

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