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Shige Kaneko

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Shige Kaneko is played by Haruko Sugimura in Tokyo Story.


Kurazo Kaneko: I brought some cakes for them.
Kurazo Kaneko: Have one. They're good.
Shige Kaneko: They don't need such expensive cakes.
Kurazo Kaneko: Good, eh?
Shige Kaneko: Good, but too expensive. Crackers would have been good enough for them.
Kurazo Kaneko: But they had crackers yesterday.

Kyoko, did mother still have her summer sash? I'd like it for a keepsake. Is that alright with you? And that linen kimono she used to wear in summer? I want that too. You know where it is? Can you get it out?

Shige Kaneko: Why, you're back so soon. You should have stayed longer!
Tomi Hirayama: We're home.
Hair salon customer: Who are they?
Shige Kaneko: Oh, just friends from the country.

Shige Kaneko: Mama, you've grown taller.
Tomi Hirayama: Don't be silly. How could I have grown?
Shige Kaneko: But you have, and you're even fatter.
Shige Kaneko: She was so big when I was little that I used to feel ashamed in front of my friends. Once in school, a chair broke under her.
Tomi Hirayama: Oh, that chair was already broken.
Shige Kaneko: She still thinks that.

Tomi Hirayama: You were so nice to us, children. Now that we've seen you all, you need not come down, even if anything should happen to either one of us.
Shige Kaneko: Don't talk like that. This isn't a farewell.
Tomi Hirayama: I mean it. We live too far away.

Kurazo Kaneko: We can't leave them there all night.
Shige Kaneko: It can't be helped, can it?
Kurazo Kaneko: Let's have Kiyo come down and we'll put them upstairs.
Shige Kaneko: They're too drunk to make it.
Kurazo Kaneko: What will we do, then?
Shige Kaneko: What a mess.
Shige Kaneko: You sleep upstairs. I'll put them here.
Shige Kaneko: What a bother. Why didn't he tell me he was coming back? So late and so drunk! I hate drunkards. With a stranger, too. Oh, this is disturbing.

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