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Pepper Potts

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She is the secretary and love interest of Tony Stark. One of the first to know real identity of Iron Man,

Pepper Potts is played by Gwyneth Paltrow in Iron Man (2008).


Proof that Tony Stark has a heart.


Tony Stark: Am I making you uncomfortable?
Pepper Potts: Oh, no, I always forget to wear deodorant and dance with my boss in a room full of people I work with in a dress with no back.
Tony Stark: Well, you look great, you smell great. But I could fire you if that would take the edge off.
Virginia 'Pepper' Potts: I don't think you could tie your shoes without me.
Tony Stark: I'd make it a week.
Virginia 'Pepper' Potts: A week, really? What's your social security number?
Tony Stark: Five...
Pepper Potts: "Five?" You're missing just a couple of digits.
Tony Stark: Right, the other eight. Well, I have you for the other eight.

I do anything and everything Mr. Stark requires. Including occasionally taking out the trash. Will that be all? image

I do anything and everything Mr. Stark requires. Including occasionally taking out the trash. Will that be all?


Tony Stark: You stood by my side all these years while I reaped the benefits of destruction. Now that I'm trying to protect the people I've put in harm's way, you're going to walk out?
Pepper Potts: You're going to kill yourself, Tony. I'm not going to be a part of it.
Tony Stark: I shouldn't be alive... unless it was for a reason. I'm not crazy, Pepper. I just finally know what I have to do. And I know in my heart that it's right.

Tony Stark: What are you trying to get rid of me for? You got plans?
Virginia 'Pepper' Potts: As a matter of fact, I do.
Tony Stark: I don't like it when you have plans.
Virginia 'Pepper' Potts: I'm allowed to have plans on my birthday.
Tony Stark: It's your birthday?
Virginia 'Pepper' Potts: Yes.
Tony Stark: I knew that. Already?
Virginia 'Pepper' Potts: Yeah, isn't that strange? It's the same day as last year.
Tony Stark: Well, get yourself something nice for me.
Virginia 'Pepper' Potts: I already did.
Tony Stark: Yeah? And?
Virginia 'Pepper' Potts: Oh, it's very nice... very tasteful. Thank you, Mr. Stark.
Tony Stark: You're welcome, Ms. Potts.

Potts: Will that be all, Mr. Stark?
Tony: Yes, that will be all, Miss. Potts.

Are those bullet holes?


You're all I have too, you know. image

You're all I have too, you know.


Will that be all, Mr. Stark?


Pepper Potts: What is going on here?
Tony Stark: Let's face it, this is not the worst thing you've caught me doing.
Pepper Potts: Are those bullet holes?

Tony Stark: How big are your hands?
Pepper Potts: I don't understand why?
Tony Stark: Get down here. I need you.

Tony Stark: Your eyes are red. Tears for your long lost boss?
Pepper Potts: Tears of joy. I hate job hunting.
Tony Stark: Yeah, well, vacation's over.

Pepper Potts: Don't ever, ever, ever, ask me to do anything like that, ever again!
Tony Stark: I don't have anyone but you.

Tony Stark: Where would you get that dress?
Pepper Potts: It was a birthday present from you, actually.
Tony Stark: I got great taste, don't I? You, wanna dance?
Pepper Potts: Oh, no, thank you.
Tony: [takes her to the dance floor] All right, come on.

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