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Paula is played by Naomie Harris in Moonlight.


 You ain't got to love me, but you gonna know that I love you. image

You ain't got to love me, but you gonna know that I love you.


 You're my only. I'm your only. image

You're my only. I'm your only.


Paula : I messed up. I fucked it all the way up. I know that. But your heart ain't gotta be black like mine, baby. I love you, Chiron. I do. I love you, baby. I mean, you ain't gotta love me. Lord knows I did not have love for you when you needed it, I know that. So you ain't gotta love me; but you gon' know that I love you. You hear? You hear me, Chiron?
Black : I hate you, Momma.


You ever see the way he walk? You're gonna tell him why the other boys kick his ass all the time?




Paula : I need some money.
Chiron : For what?
Paula : That's my business! Don't you ask me no shit like that!
Chiron : I don't have any money.
Paula : No, no, don't lie to me boy! I'm your mama! That bitch over there ain't no kin yeah? I'm your blood! Remember?
Paula : I ain't feeling good. I need something to help me out.
Paula : Come on baby. Come on baby.


Paula : Where did you go last night?
Chiron : Why?
Paula : Well, I'm your mama ain't I?


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