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Mr. Jackson

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Mr. Jackson is played by Porter Hall in Double Indemnity.


Jackson: Tonight? Tomorrow morning would suit me better.
Jackson: There's a very good osteopath in town I'd like to see before I leave.
Barton Keyes: Osteopath. Well, just don't put her on the expense account.

Barton Keyes: Have you made up your mind?
Jackson: Mr. Keyes, I'm a Medford man - Medford, Oregon. Up in Medford, we take our time making up our minds.
Barton Keyes: Well, we're not in Medford now, we're in a hurry.

Jackson: These are fine cigars you smoke.
Barton Keyes: Two for a quarter.
Jackson: That's what I said.

Mr. Keyes, I'm a Medford man. Medford, Oregon. If I say it, I mean it. If I mean it, of course I'll swear to it.

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