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Lee is played by Jackie Chan in Rush Hour.


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That's bad for you!


Carter : That's why I don't have no partner, that's one thing I learned from my daddy.
Lee : Your father was a policeman?
Carter : Fifteen years LAPD.
Lee : My daddy also a policeman.
Carter : Your daddy was a cop?
Lee : Not a cop, an officer, a legend all over Hong Kong.
Carter : My daddy a legend too all over America. My daddy once arrested fifteen people in one night by himself.
Lee : My daddy arrested 25 by himself.
Carter : ...My daddy once saved five crackheads from a burnin' building, by himself.
Lee : My daddy once caught a bullet with his bare hand.
Carter : My daddy'll kick your daddy's ass all the way from here to China, Japan, wherever the hell you from and all up that Great Wall too.
Lee : Hey, don't talk about my father.
Carter : Don't talk about my daddy.


Lee : Whassup, my nigga?
Bartender : What did you just say?
Lee : Whassup, my nigga.


Lee : You must take me to see Consul Han right away.
Carter : Man, just sit there and shut up! This ain't no democracy.
Lee : Yes, it is.
Carter : No, it ain't. This is the United States of James Carter. I'm the president, I'm the emperor, I'm the king. I'm Michael Jackson, you Tito. Your ass belongs to me.


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