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Joy is played by Amy Poehler in Inside Out 2015.


Do you ever look at someone and wonder,

Do you ever look at someone and wonder, "What is going on inside their head?" Well, I know. Well, I know Riley's head.


Joy: Do you remember how she used to stick her tongue out when she was colouring?
Joy: I could listen to her stories, all day.
Joy: I just wanted Riley to be happy...


Joy: We've been through a lot lately, that's for sure. But we still love our girl. She has great new friends, a great new house. Things couldn't be better. After all, Riley's twelve now. What could happen?
Joy: This is a really bad idea! No, Joy. Think positive...
Joy: I'm positive this is crazy!


Joy: Sadness! Sadness? Come on, Sadness, where are you? Okay, if I were Sadness, where would I be?
Joy: Oh, everything is awful, and my legs don't work, and you have to drag me around while I touch all the...


Sadness: It's long term memory... you'll get lost in there.
Joy: C'mon! Think positive!
Sadness: Okay...
Sadness: I'm positive that you'll get lost in there!


Joy: It was amazing! Just Riley and me, forever.
Joy: Um, for thirty-three seconds.
Sadness: I'm Sadness.
Joy: Oh, hello! Uh, I'm Joy. So, could I just... If you could... I just wanna fix that. Thanks.
Joy: And that was just the beginning! Headquarters only got more crowded from there.


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