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George Pollard

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George Pollard is played by Benjamin Walker in In the Heart of the Sea (2015).


George Pollard : "Chase." That's an off-island name, isn't it?
Owen Chase : Yes, it is. And very shortly we will be off-island for some time, and I'll be very much at home.

Owen Chase : It's a privilege to know the moment of one's death in advance - be able to prepare for it. Cursed to be so far from home - without a chance to say goodbye, without a chance to make peace; without a chance to settle scores. Then let us at least settle those between us, Captain.
George Pollard : Captain of what?
Owen Chase : The Essex was lost through no fault of yours. I was as much to blame for...
George Pollard : You are not the captain! But you were born to do this job. I was just born into it.
Owen Chase : What do we do, do you think, George? And what offense did we give God to upset him so?
George Pollard : The only creature to have offended God here is the whale.
Owen Chase : Not us? In our arrogance, our greed. Look were we find ourselves.
George Pollard : We are supreme creatures made in God's own likeness. Earthly kings, whose business it is to circumnavigate the planet bestowed to us. To bend nature to our will.
Owen Chase : You really feel like an earthly king after everything that we've been through? We're nothing. We're... we're specks. And dust.
George Pollard : We sail into the sun at dawn. If we are to die, then with God's grace, let us die as men.

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