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Donnie Azoff

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Donnie Azoff is played by Jonah Hill in The Wolf of Wall Street.


Max Belfort: What kind of hooker takes credit cards?
Donnie Azoff: A rich one!

Max Belfort: $430,000 in one month, Jordy. Huh?
Jordan Belfort: They're business expenses.
Max Belfort: Jordy, look what you've got here. Look at this! $26,000 for one fucking dinner!
Jordan Belfort: No, no, this can be explained. Dad, we had clients, Pfizer clients. Champagne.
Nicky Koskoff: The porterhouse from Argentina.
Jordan Belfort: Expensive champagne and the what, we had to buy champagne.
Jordan Belfort: And you brought in all the sides... Tell him about the sides.
Donnie Azoff: I ordered the sides, so...
Max Belfort: Sides? Sides? $26,000 worth of sides? What are these sides? They cure cancer?
Donnie Azoff: The sides did cure cancer, that's the problem, that's why they were so expensive.
Jordan Belfort: Shut the fuck up!
Donnie Azoff: I'm serious.

Max Belfort: Jordy, one of these days the chickens are gonna come home to roost.
Jordan Belfort: You're lookin' at me like I'm crazy.
Max Belfort: Crazy? This is obscene!
Jordan Belfort: It was obscene, in the normal world. I mean, who the fuck wanted to live there?

Jordan Belfort: I want to stay married, Dad, but it's crazy out there. Some of these girls, you should see them. Oh, my God. They're fuckin' - the things they're doing now, Pops, I mean, I mean, it's on a whole other level.
Max Belfort: Really?
Jordan Belfort: And they're all shaved too.
Max Belfort: Get outta here.
Jordan Belfort: All shaven now.
Max Belfort: Are you kidding me?
Jordan Belfort: Yeah.
Max Belfort: No bush?
Jordan Belfort: Bald. Bald as as China doll.
Max Belfort: No bush?
Jordan Belfort: No bush.
Max Belfort: Oh my God.
Jordan Belfort: All the sudden I - one week - nobody had anything down there any more.
Max Belfort: It's a new world.
Jordan Belfort: They're bald - they're bald from the eyebrows down.
Max Belfort: Wow!
Jordan Belfort: Nothing. Not a stitch. It's like lasers.
Max Belfort: Wow. New world. See. I was born too - too early.
Jordan Belfort: I've never been a fan of the bush, to be honest.
Max Belfort: Really?
Jordan Belfort: Yeah.
Max Belfort: I don't mind it.

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