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Carr Gomm

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Carr Gomm is played by John Gielgud in The Elephant Man.


Carr Gomm: Can you imagine the kind of life he must have had?
Dr. Frederick Treves: Yes, I think I can.
Carr Gomm: I don't think so. No one could possibly imagine it! I don't believe any of us can!

Dr. Frederick Treves: How did you get up here?
Bytes: I want my man back.
Dr. Frederick Treves: Just a moment, how did you get up...
Bytes: Never mind that. I want my man.
Dr. Frederick Treves: He's still very sick. Now please, come downstairs with me and I will explain the situation.
Bytes: DON'T! Don't. You've had plenty of time to... cure him. And now, he's leaving with me. Do you understand me now Mr. Treves? We made a deal.
Dr. Frederick Treves: You misunderstood. This man has suffered a severe fall if you take my meaning. Now, he's my patient now.
Bytes: Pull the other one, why don't you.
Dr. Frederick Treves: Mr. Bytes I'm sorry, but all you do is profit from another man's misery.
Bytes: You think you're better than me?
Dr. Frederick Treves: No...
Bytes: You wanted the freak, to show to those doctor chums of yours to make a name for yourself. You my friend, I gave you the freak, on trust, in the name of science, and now I want him back!
Dr. Frederick Treves: You do not own this man. Now STOP IT!
Bytes: I want him back.
Dr. Frederick Treves: So you could beat him! So you could starve him! A dog in the streets would fare better with you!
Bytes: I shall go to the authorities.
Carr Gomm: Go to the authorities then. Go to them by all means. I'm sure they would be very interested to hear your story as well as ours
Dr. Frederick Treves: Now, I really do think we understand one another. Hm?

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