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Brian O'Conner

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Brian O'Conner is played by Paul Walker in The Fast and the Furious (2001).


Hector is going to be running 3 Honda Civics with spoon engines. And on top of that he just came into Harry's and he ordered 3 T66 turbos, with NOS, and a Motec system exhaust.

Vince : Why don't you try Fat Burger from now on? You can get yourself a cheese and fries for 2.95, faggot!
Brian : I like the tuna here.
Vince : Bullshit asshole, no one likes the tuna here!
Brian : Yeah well I do.

Brian : Nice crib, sarge. It's a lot better than that last place you confiscated.
Sgt. Tanner : Eddie Fisher built it for Elizabeth Taylor back in the fifties.
Brian : See? Even the cops in Hollywood are Hollywood.

Hector : Wait, hold up, hold up. Look at this snowman right here, man.
Hector : Sweet ride! Whatcha runnin' under there, man?
Hector : You're gonna make me find out the hard way?
Brian : Hell yeah!
Hector : You're brave! You're brave! They call me Hector. Gotta last name too, but I can't pronounce it
Brian : Brian Spilner.
Hector : Typical white boy name, know what I mean?


Brian : I just need some more time.
FBI Officer : If you want time, buy the magazine!


Jesse : These are the additions, this is the basic layout of the car, and this is what it could look like when it's done. Red, green, whatever.
Brian : Hey man, you should be going to MIT or something.
Jesse : No man, I got that attention disorder.
Brian : Oh, A.D.D.?
Jesse : Yes, that shit.


Brian : Hey, what's up, Jesse? What do you have in your hand?
Jesse : Throwing down the pinkslip just like you.
Brian : Pinkslip for what? The Jetta?
Jesse : Yeah.
Brian : You can't bet your dad's car.
Jesse : It's all right. I ain't losin'. This fool is running a Honda 2000. I'll win. Then me and my dad can roll together when he gets out of prison. It's all good.
Brian : Well, they're gonna throw him right back in prison after he kills you.


Agent Bilkins : DVD players were purchased legally. All we've got on Tran and his boys are some low-rent weapons charges and some outstanding speeding tickets.
Sgt. Tanner : So, they're out.
Agent Bilkins : Father bailed them out. Is this the kind of intelligence I can except from you, O'Connor?
Brian : What, you're gonna pin this on me?
Agent Bilkins : Hey, I can pin this on whoever I want to. Perks of the job.


Sgt. Tanner : Are you going native on me, Brian?
Muse : I think the sister's clouding his judgement.
Brian : What was that?
Muse : Hey, I don't blame you. I get off on her surveillance photos too.


Mia : Tuna on white. No crust, right?
Brian : I don't know. How is it?
Mia : Every day for the last three weeks you've been coming in here and you've been asking me how the tuna is. Now, it was crappy yesterday, it was crappy the day before and guess what? It hasn't changed.
Brian : I'll have the tuna.
Mia : No crust?
Brian : No crust.

Brian : You know, I was thinking we should go out sometime.
Mia : Oh, that's sweet, but I usually don't date my brother's friends.
Brian : Well, that sucks. I guess I'll have to kick his ass then.
Mia : I'd love to see that. Actually, I'd pay to see that.

Mia : Letty grew up just down the street. She was into cars since she was like ten years old. Dom always had her attention. Then she turned sixteen...
Brian : And she had Dom's attention.
Mia : Yeah, it's funny how that works out.

Mia : You know, my brother likes you. Usually he doesn't like anybody.
Brian : Yeah, he's a complicated guy.

Brian : Mia, I'm a cop.
Mia : What are you talking about, Brian?
Brian : Ever since I met you, I've been undercover. I'm a cop.
Mia : Oh, you bastard. You bastard!

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