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Directed by: Mel Gibson
Written by: Randall Wallace
Starring: Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau, Patrick McGoohan
Released on: May 24, 1995
Taglines: He who fought, fought for freedom.

Braveheart Quotes

That'll wake you up in the mornin', boy! image

That'll wake you up in the mornin', boy!

Young William : I can fight.
Malcolm Wallace : I know. I know you can fight. But it's our wits that make us men.

Young William : What are they doin'?
Argyle Wallace : Saying goodbye in their own way. Playing outlawed tunes on outlawed pipes.

Hamish : Some men are longer than others.
Campbell : Your mother been telling ya stories about me again, eh?

Campbell : I'm dying. Let me be.
Hamish : No. You're going to live.
Campbell : I've lived long enough to live free. Proud to see you become the man you are. I'm a happy man.

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