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Billy Batson

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Billy Batson is played by Asher Angel in Shazam 2019.


Billy's Mom : Just a second.
Billy's Mom : Hey, look, I'm late for work already, all right? We don't need any magazines or whatever. Thanks, though.
Billy Batson : Oh, I'm not. You probably don't recognize me, but...
Billy Batson : I found my way home. Mom. It's me.
Billy's Mom : Oh, God. Is it?
Billy's Mom : Um... hang on.
Billy Batson : That wasn't Dad, was it?
Billy's Mom : No. Listen, son... It's really you, huh?
Billy Batson : I didn't mean to run away. You know that, right? I let go, but it was by accident.
Billy's Mom : Yeah, no. I know, yeah. I saw you.
Billy Batson : What?
Billy's Mom : I saw you after. So, it was never your fault. Look, I was 17, okay? And my daddy kicked me out. And your dad just decided not to be a part of anything. And I was hurting, and I was screwed up.
Billy's Mom : Look, it's just once I saw you with the police, I realized they could do a better job taking care of you than I ever will. But you're good, right? I mean, you landed on your feet. Because, I mean, you look real good. It's just... now is not a really good time for me, Bill.
Billy Batson : All I wanted to do is... let you know I'm doing good, but I have to get back to my real family. Here.
Billy's Mom : What's this?
Billy Batson : You might need it more than me.


Billy Batson : Well, you wanted me to be a hero.
Freddy Freeman : Are you kidding? Okay, no. Old guy's up there harboring multiple spiritual entities. Plus, he has the same powers as you. Plus, I mean, he knows what he's doing. Plus, I mean, you're my best friend. I don't want you to die. All right?
Billy Batson : If a superhero can't save his family, he's not much of a hero.
Freddy Freeman : That was a decent catchphrase.


Freddy Freeman : If you could have one superpower, flight or invisibility, what would you pick? Everybody chooses flight. You know why?
Billy Batson : So they can fly away from this conversation?
They seem nice, but don't buy it. It gets real Game of Thrones around here.
Freddy Freeman : Dude, just messing around! You look at me and you're like, "Why so dark? You're a disabled foster kid, you got it all!"


Billy Batson : Say my name!
Freddy Freeman , Mary Bromfield , Darla Dudley , Pedro Peña , Eugene Choi : BILLY!
Billy Batson : No, no! Not my name, the name I said to transform into this guy!
Freddy Freeman , Mary Bromfield , Darla Dudley , Pedro Peña , Eugene Choi : SHAZAM!


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